9 DL 155/225 90lbs

12 Push Ups hr push ups

15 Box Jumps 24/30 blue box plus 25 lbs plate

time 14:03

dl felt good. working on the oly lifts has informed my deadlift a lot because its the same as the first pull in clean and snatch just with the clean grip. excited for oly night. missed it last week. push ups were hard but no impossible.  box jumps were ok.  only caught my foot once. focused on getting knees to chest and landing soft.

i had a tough eating day yesterday.  i just could not find a balance.  i am on track so far today but the fun has not really started.  going to do some prep soon so i do not feel so all over the place.

400m run

21 thrusters 95/135 35lbs

21 T2B

400m run

15 thrusters

15 T2B

400m run

9 thrusters

9 t2b

time 18:56??

thrusters felt ok. not great. t2b felt ok but i kept falling off the bar.  tried to kip some more but that propelled me further off the bar. running was slow but i tried to push myself.  glad its done. on to work.

20 min amrap

10 wall balls 14/20 10

10 kte

10 ohs 65/95 35


went back to 10 to work on my form.  was able to get a few rounds of all 10 and then almost always all 5.  i would say improvement on my wall balls. my ktes were slow. i feel like i was getting my kip but i used grip pads to help my hands from not ripping so getting my grip right was a little slower but i stayed on the bar.  ohs felt ok. depth was almost there.  weight felt good and i felt like i was evenly lower but not quick enough bounce.

then did some arm stuff with dlite and shaun. ouch. arms will not go above my head now.  hopefully i can climb tmr.

10 rft

100 m shuttle run which we did a 100 m suicide run

10 v ups

10 deadlifts 95/135

i did 55lbs felt light was nice to just blast through them


visiting crossfit triton

15 min amrap

1 squat clean

1 pull up

2 squat clean

2 pull up

3 squat clean

3 pull up

etc.  i got to 7 squat cleans and 7 pull ups at 75 lbs which is pretty heavy for me.  pull ups were ok.  28 pull ups total.

10300019_10152352355662967_5252974662673463913_n 10403006_10152352355847967_3800892845477419532_n

groin was hurting after all that squatting.  did kb swings with the 25 instead of squats.

10685464_10152355307942967_408880810958258930_n 1800319_10152355308077967_7114526530956374731_n


Snatch 90%

65 of 70 lbs. cant remember.  should take picture.

also did heavy front squats. thats when my groin started to hurt.


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