Deadlift 85lbs

KB 25lbs

time 35:46

this was a tough one.  the deadlifts were heavy for me at this amount. the kb was not heavy but the goal was to do them unbroken every round and I did! burpees are a waiting game. I think I did the first couple of rounds unbroken but once I hit round 3 or 4 I was toast and just broke them up into 5s and tried to take small breaks.  Deadlifts also were broken into 5s and those last 25 felt like an eternity.  Afterwards I felt like puking and took a nice 100 m walk just trying to catch my breath and get composed.  Did a ton of stretching afterwards which will hopefully keep me loose for the rest of the day though I can already feel things tightening up.

15 Min Amrap

10 Strict Pull Ups green band. did red first set which went very slow.

10 Ring Dips off the box and last set with red band. also went slow

10 Pistol Squats used blue box plus one 45lb plate. not terrible but still super hard.  butt super sore.

10 Strict Handstand Push Ups off red box on knees.  better. but still hard and slow.  5 at a time max.


Clean: working up to 85lbs

high pull: 70lbs

push jerk: i do not remember


400 M Run

5 Bar MU sub 5 Pull Ups 5 Ring Dips

10 Hang Squat Clean 85/115


5 Wall Walks sub 5 Walk the Floors

Running! I can not recall the last time I ran.  I was not looking forward to this and it proved to be the hardest part. I know I can run faster so its just a matter of pushing myself which I did not do during the runs at all.  The Pull Ups felt good.  Did all unassisated. I think the first round I did 3 or 4 in a row. After that I did 2s and 1s.  I did ring dips off the box.  So hard. Did must of those 2 and 1 at a time.  I did 45lbs on the cleans which felt fine.  I got tired after a while but they were manageable.  I did lose my balance at one point and feel on my butt.  That was fun. I hate SDLHP. I do not get them at all. They were fine. The bar was super sweaty though and I forgot my towel so I kept trying to use my shirt which was drenched in sweat too.  Walk the floors were fine.  I focused on keeping my knees locked out and they felt good.  5 was fine.

I had a tough eating day Monday and Tuesday so just not feeling really positive about my fuel. Hopefully I can figure some of it out today.

10 min emom

1st min: 5 CTB Pull Ups and 1 Snatch 85/115 35lbs

2nd min: 5 CTB Pull Ups and 2 Snatch

etc.. until you can not do them on the min then just do the pull ups and as many snatches as possible

I got 5 rounds with 35lbs. I tried doing strict pull ups with the green (second band) i think 98% were strict.  i want to get my strict pull up.

then 10 min amrap

8 weighted step ups 65/95  15lbs 20 in box

8 box jumps 8 in box

8 v ups 3+8

max effort split jerk 100lbs!!

12 min amrap

15 min h.r. push ups push ups feel better.  working on shoulder forward and “breaking” the floor

10 push jerks 55/75 35lbs

1 rope climb half rope with no knots!


5 rft

20 burpees

15 power cleans 95/135 35(first 3 rounds) 45(last 2 rounds)

time 15:45

i honestly do not know how i pulled this time off but i am going to have to say it had something to do with working out 90 min later then normal, having done little to no exercise/labor over the weekend and taking my time on burpees.

this wod was all about pacing and i happen to have had one person in my class who is good but not so good i can never catch up and i tried to pace with her and while i ended up 2 minutes behind her i was able to follow her lead and kill it.  i am so proud of this time.


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