oly work

5/70% 3/80% 2/90%

took some video which is so helpful when working along.  need to keep my butt down and bring bar back into my hips more.


2 fers 14/20 8lbs

front rack lunges 65/95 15lbs

i hate wall balls and lunges so this was not my wod.  i tried doing 2fers. i got a few but i also got knocked on my butt and in the face a few times. i started to do half and half. one regular one 2fer and was a little more successful. lunges were tough but with great coaching by liz got through the last 10 unbroken. 

now onto the weekend!!

4 rnds of 800m run 100m row rest 2 min
then one set of 400m run and 500m row

good to be back at ewod. nice change of pace. i enjoyed the longer runs with the row in between. that last 500 m run was terrible and i was unsure my legs would even get me through it.  fun class with great energy.  my arms are still super sore.  

3 rft

15 toes to bar

50 dubs

15 ring dips blue band

50 kb swings 35/55 17lbs

10 Turkish Get Ups 25/35 10lbs

time 34:45??

toes to bar were probably the best part of this.  i tried dubs but i do not think i was getting them so i did 150 singles plus a few attempts thrown in. i went light everywhere else because i knew it was going to be long so i would be fighting that.  i did not also want to be fighting weight.




Deadlifts 135/185 95

HSPU off read box

time 17:46??

hspu so hard. barley touched my head each time. deadlits were tough but manageable.  we will see how back fairs.

max clean 100 lbs pr!

got stuck again just like my snatch doing a high pull and not dropping.  my brain just shuts off sometimes and all of a sudden i am at the pull and then i am like ahhh what do i do.  coming up from the squat felt good. hard but not impossible.  i tried 105 but no luck.  very happy with 100. i did not wod because i wanted to spend the whole hour on max effort since i can not go to night to oly lifting due to the fact that we are building a wall in our garage.


200 M Run

15 Box Jumps 24/20 little big plate


200 M Run

15 Wallballs 20/14 14


i have been focusing on consistency and pacing. jvic, the ewod and regular wod coach, hates this word but if i do not pace i break down. during all the runs i tried to go out strong and stay fast.  it worked 80% of the time. when i had two rounds to go everyone else was done so that always hits the ego a little.  i did all walls balls minus the last set 3-3-3-3-2 last set some how i did 5-5-5 and it was not the worst but i was totally winded at the end.


OHS 65/95 25lbs

50 Dubs or 100 Singles singles

Pull Ups  with green/blue band. second strongest


my hands were wrecked from friday so i new pull ups were not happening full on. it was fun doing with the band.  still super tough but i got to work on pushing away from the bar.  felt good. glad to be done.


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