4 rft

400 m run

20 power cleans 65/95 45

20 wall balls 14/20 8

 time 27:46??

my legs were just not getting the memo to move. the runs felt slow. power cleans i did 1st set unbroken and the rest 10-10 which was good (maybe i did one set 10,5,5, cant remember) but wall balls!! why!! i scaled down to the 8 in hopes of doing 10 at a time. i was able to always get at least 5 out at a time and i no repped myself a few making sure i hit that target. it was a lot of wall balls and a lot of legs monday, tue and wed for me so i understand why they were hard but it still sucks.



4 rft

200 m run

15 box jumps 20/24 12in plue 25lbs plate so 13in?

200 m run

15 kb swings 35/55 25lbs

200 m run

15 deadlifts 95/135 85lbs

time 29:53 (i think)

went a little heavy on those dl. they slowed me down.  everything else was ok. box jumps are slow for me. kbs felt good. deadlifts felt hard.  made sure to stretch a lot afterwards. did not stretch after saturday and was feeling it, bad.

Helen meets Grace (partner)


400 M run

21 KB Swings 35/55 25lbs

12 Pull Ups with varying bands


30 Clean and Jerks 95/135 65

time 12:33

this was my first “competition” but say that lightly because it was for charity, we were scaling and it really was just for fun.

recap: my partner, jen, is a strong runner but a very considerate person and knows that I am not the best runner so she took it at my pace.  also, we had to hold a thin pink rope the whole time otherwise there was a 5 burpee penalty, and last thing i wanted to do was burpees. the first 400m was fine.  the plan was jen does 11 kbs while i set up the band for pull ups.  because i am slow at 11 she looks over and i am still futsing with the band so she keeps going. i try to do the pull ups unassisted. i get one. then on my second i get no reped. which really takes the wind out of you. so i jumped over to the band and did 3 more. then jen jumped on did 3 got a no rep and then did 3 more. on the run we decided she would do the kbs and i would do the pull ups with the band.  that run was ok. she does kbs. i do pull ups.  i am not sure if its this round or the next when i give up and move over to the thickest band but in the heat on competition all i wanted to do was get it done fast.  last run was hell.  i could barley breath.  last pull ups were easy. then was on to the clean and jerks.  jen and i have both been working on our oly lifting skills but jen is strong.  the plan was 5 at a time for a total of 15.  65lbs is heavy for me, manageable for jen but it was awesome.  if felt like a 100 people were cheering us on, it probably was more like 5, but our coach was there and kept giving me a reassuring nod and grin, and it was awesome.  between our sets i was sucking wind. it was a ton of pain but it felt awesome.  huge adrenaline rush and once we were done a ton of awesome congrats and compliments on my form, which i love to hear.  then i hung around to watch some friends compete.  it was a really fun day.



9 DL 155/225 90lbs

12 Push Ups hr push ups

15 Box Jumps 24/30 blue box plus 25 lbs plate

time 14:03

dl felt good. working on the oly lifts has informed my deadlift a lot because its the same as the first pull in clean and snatch just with the clean grip. excited for oly night. missed it last week. push ups were hard but no impossible.  box jumps were ok.  only caught my foot once. focused on getting knees to chest and landing soft.

i had a tough eating day yesterday.  i just could not find a balance.  i am on track so far today but the fun has not really started.  going to do some prep soon so i do not feel so all over the place.

400m run

21 thrusters 95/135 35lbs

21 T2B

400m run

15 thrusters

15 T2B

400m run

9 thrusters

9 t2b

time 18:56??

thrusters felt ok. not great. t2b felt ok but i kept falling off the bar.  tried to kip some more but that propelled me further off the bar. running was slow but i tried to push myself.  glad its done. on to work.


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