5 rft
6 power snatch 105/155
9 push press 105/155
12 deadliftins 105/155

55lbs all around though I did a push jerk. Got super winded but kept moving. Did all push jerks and dl unbroken and broke up snatches 3,3,3 2,2,2 when needed.

Time 12:41

Oly clean and jerk

3/65 3/75 3/85
Gelt good. Little slow coming up. Need to work on squats and stuff to stegnthing my posterior chain, I think








Front rack lunges 65/95
Ring push ups
Step up 65/95
1rope climb

13:40 25lbs

Real rope climb…to the top!!!


i was not planning to wod today just oly lift tonight but i could not help myself and then i saw there was oly lifting and pull ups.  i should not have gone. i was slow and mad the whole time.  i was a little mad because some other people were taking up “my” pull up bar leaving me to bother my friend to use a taller pull up bar.  our box only has 4 short pull up bars and i like to jump off when i am done instead of scooting over. i start by scooting over.  i was just pissy. cleans, snatch and ohs felt good. did last snatch into squat was fun. messed up last one but re did the squat.  feels good that 35lbs is light.  i should have gone a little heavier but i was in a pissy mood.

oly – snatch

3/55lbs 3/60lbs 3/65lbs

felt good. got tired at 65lbs but got 3 solid ones in.


45lbs on the push jerks because i felt like there was a lot of them and knew that box jump any where would take me a while as well as burpee pull ups. did first 2 rounds 11-10 last round unbroken on push jerks. box jump over i allow myself to take as much time as i need.  tripped a little but no big deal. burpee pull ups are super taxing like breathing hard and not being able to catch my breath afterwards taxing.


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