50 Dubs

50 Push Jerks 65/95 40lbs

40 Dubs

40 Push Press

30 Dubs


20 Dubs

20 Cleans

10 Dubs

10 Hang Power Cleans

time 21:44
I wanted to do 35lbs because that is what the people in the class before me did but I was pressured into adding 5lbs.  the problem is i can do all these lifts with 55lbs well probably 85lbs, once.  its an interesting place to be.  i am more confident in my lifts then ever and i am stronger but my endurance has not changed a ton.  i am still unsure if i have dubs.  i need to do some slo-mo recording to look closer.  they do not sound like them, is it sad that i think if i get a smaller rope i will for sure have them?  i just do not think i am flicking my wrists fast enough.  either way they wind me like, woah and make me cranky. the push jerks felt never ending and same goes for the push press.  sdlhp are just dumb, not a fan. cleans! why. first couple are always a challenge.  trying to link some.  need to work on my feet re positioning.  hang power cleans was like the cherry at the end, unbroken.  

first, my box has an “athlete in training” program which is basically an advanced program but they do not have super set class times.  so people come when they can.  second, our box had a team go to the games which was awesome.  one of the games athletes was working out and decided in addition to doing there work to also do the above weight, rx.  she did it in 10 min flat! while you could see on her face she struggles she recovered in about 20 seconds.  Its one thing to see someone like that compete against a ton of amazing athletes at the games, regionals or local comps but to see them do the workout you just did with 25 more pounds and cut your time in half plus some shows just have athletic they are.  i have no interest in competing, at all, so i am not sure my point but i thought it was cool to see the difference in some of that caliber. plus i got to brag that we had a team go to the games. 


Clean & Jerk

2/70, 2/75, 2/80, 2/90, 1/95 (percent same as weightish)

i can not believe that i can do 95lbs ish clean and jerks. need to keep track better.

Romanian DL (regular grip)


Front Squat

i do not remember but they felt good.  did them on the lifting platform and i felt super cool



8 rounds 1 min on 1 min off

5 HSPU red box on knees

15 Hang Power Snatch 55/75 35lbs

121 total

I was not happy right after but i did do 5 extra hspu before i understood the whole rest thing.  you do not realize how fast a minute goes by until you do a emom or workout like this.  hang power snatches felt ok.  going fast is weird.

60 min yoga


Deadlifts 155/225 85


time: 14:27

deadlifts felt heavy but got better as i went.  once i get that motion its “easier” still tough.  happy with the weight.  burpees suck. i was able to push a little harder though which felt good.  i feel like my endurance it getting a little better, though I have not run in at least a week. it took me over a minute to fully catch my breath.  worked on stationary ring dips on the box and one with out the box and dubs. i think i have one dub but i am not sure.  need someone else to verify.  

3 rft

10 DB Snatch 20/30 12

15 wall balls 14/20 10

10 Front Rack Lunges 65/95 15

15 wall balls 14/20

time 12:34

I hate wall balls and I hate lunges.  DB Snatch I am indifferent.  90 wall balls! Not happening at 14lbs.  Scaled down it was still hard tried to do 8-7, and then 5,5,5 for as much as I could.  Coach helped me greatly through the last set.  Tried to get under 10 when missed that tried to get under 12, missed that but not by to much.  Lunges are also my kryptonite.  I have such a hard time keeping my core activated.  I think its a similar issue i have with front squats.  


some clean and jerk practice

3/55, 3/65, 3/75, 2/85

jerk 1/75, 1/65,3/55

snatch press 4/35X4

clean felt pretty good. a friend who was also lifting commented about getting out of my squat quicker. my jerk felt odd. 


wod 20 min amrap

10 push ups

15 kb swings 35/55

20 ab mat sit ups


felt tired but so much looser after playing around for you know 2 hours.  


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