I did not plan to cloth diapering. My husband was not on board and I did not know any better to fight for it. After 3 months I was sick with the thought of how many diapers we were going through. Of course those first few months are diaper city and I do not know if I would cloth from newborn but I would defiantly try.

Some advice I got was that some cloth diapering is better then none. You do not have to go all in. You could just cloth diaper during the day and use disposable at night.

Also, if you are on the fence I would recommenced looking into diaper services.

I started cloth diapering at 4 month so I do not have any newborn recommendations but Green Mountain Diapers has a great newborn kit and either way I highly recommend checking out Green Mountain Diapers info page.  It is more informative and better written then this but the internet needs more stuff on it so here I am.

This is a mix of what I have and what I would have done differently. Of course not everything works for everyone but there are a few reasons I was attracted to the Green Mountain Prefolds. 1) I met a mom and this what she used. 2) They can be made to fit any size. Fitting is very important with cloth diapering. If it does not fit right it leaks but its usually just pee and if you are afraid of pee and want to take on cloth diapering you might want to think about that. Side note about cloth diapering. I very rarely if ever had blowouts. Cloth diapers are bulkier but they contain messes a lot better then disposables. 3) Affordable in my eyes

Day time:

2 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Cloth-eez Prefold Diaper Medium 

2 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Cloth-eez Prefold Diaper Large

1 dozen Green Mountain Diaper Cloth-eez Diaper Doublers 

6 (size 2) Thristies Duo Wrap 

3 sets of Snappi’s 

Disana Wool Cover from Green Mountain Diapers facebook page

Night time:

(We Use) the Grovia One shell with one of its inserts and the insert from the Nickis Bambo Diaper

2 Grovia One

2 Nicki’s Bambo

If I was doing it again I would use wool. My child, who I will refer to as T because I am extra special like that, pees a lot at night. Early on when I was nursing I would also change her diaper after she nursed. I night weened her around 9 months and that is when I stopped changing her diaper and her waking up wet became a problem.

The reason I would do her night time situation differently is because I am not over the moon about the materials that her overnight diapers are made of  and she still wakes up wet so I think there is room for improvement.

What I would use:

1 Disana Wool Pull on Cover in each size depending on when you are starting. From my understanding you just put these over your regular diapers daytime diapers.

1 Babee Greens Wool Diaper Liner As an extra doubler for night

Here is a great resource to learn about wool and how to clean it. Please do it because I ended up spending more money with what I bought and have to wash them constantly. I am kinda talking myself into getting them right now. I will report back if I fall down this rabbit hole.

Products for Cleaning:

Briefly my wash routine for the prefolds includes 3 rinse cycles and then a long dryer cycle. I could cut out that first wash cycle if I had the Potty Pail. You might be thinking, “That is a lot of water! That must be worse on the environment?” Supposedly, no. But I am not he expert. I was the night diapers together on one long cycle and dry them in the dyrer and the covers with my regular laundry and air dry them. I tried air drying them but it took forever and they get so stiff.

We use Bummis Flushable Bio Soft liners when I remember.  They are very helpful. I try to get as much poop of in the toilet often will a wipe or toilet paper. Then I put them in our wastebasket. I wash them every 2-3 days. When you order from Green Mountain they send you this amazing booklet that I based my wash routine off of.

I do not have this but it I was to do it again I would get the Potty Pail.

We use Bummis Flushable Bio Soft liners  when I remember and they are helpful.

We do not use cloth wipes I tried and failed but that does not mean you will not.  We use water wipes. Sometimes they are cheaper at Target sometimes they are cheaper on amazon.

Travel diaper bag for day to to day.  I choose this ones because it has two sections one for dry diapers and one for wet clothes. The handle of mine feel off very soon after I go it but everything else is great. I was it and dry it with my normal laundry as often as I remember, so not very often, and it is starting to rip a little but still very usable after two years of hard use.

We use a wastebasket from target  for our dirty diapers but they live in our laundry room which is on the other side of our house so its not something you smell constantly.

But if you are using the sprayer you might want something more like this

Bumgenius Hangout Wet Bag or Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag

Lastly, for travel we use disposables.

I hope that is helpful if you have an questions please feel free to ask!

c&j 3/65lbs 3/75lbs 3/85lbs

back squat 5/85 3/95 1/105

felt good.  last clean i hit my throat on the pull. it was weird not sure what happened. maybe i did not drop quick enough or elbows to slow but better then what happens sometimes when i clean heavy where i do not drop at all and i catch it below my collar bone, ouch.

back squat felt good. end of 5 and 3 felt like i was rounding.  need to work on speed.  maybe add pause squat eventually.  just trying to get work in.

back was tight afterwards.  did a lot of stretching and feeling good.  sitting a lot makes my back ache but once i start moving i am good.

core work

3 rft

10 good mornings 35/45 (15lbs)

10 v ups (20 sec plank)

10 hollow rocks (10 knee raises)

10 rft

6 front squats 85/115 35lbs

9 box jumps 20″ step ups

12 burpees not to the ground burpees

7 rounds 32 min.

i was not feeling it today.  i felt off balance on my squats. though this picture looks better then i thought.  i did a lot of slow warm up to get my hips moving.  my first air squat of the day now a days is always off balance.  my knees could be tracking out more but my spine looks pretty straight.  my chest is falling down a little so that is something to think about.  step ups were fine but a little wobbly and burpees just winded me.  the whole time i felt super winded even when i would take minute brakes.  i was not in the mood to work through the last 3 rounds.  i need to scale back since soon i will not be able to nap whenever i want.



11935009_10153047023197967_522734640305910402_n 11951931_10153047023142967_3854696552725561640_n 11898546_10153047023077967_9039831038618574840_n

I think i got like real dubs but i do not know. sometimes i think they are just fast singles.  i did about 15 so i would keep moving.  power snatch felt good. strict press was good.  tried not to round my back to much. can’t tell in this pic. i have done strict presses 3 times this week.  two “max effort” one at 55lbs and then one at 65lbs. one tip that helped was keeping my ass tight so i worked on remembering that during the wod.  did 5 ring rows instead of rope climbs.  though i had a dream about climbing the rope.  i will get back on the rope eventually.  ring rows are hard but they can be made easier by making less of an incline.  this felt manageable 5 at a time.

back squat 2×8 75lbs (felt good. should add 5 lbs total)


30 m suicide run (i did not touch the ground)

15 box jump overs (20 in box step up and overs)

15 sdlhp 65/95 (40lbs felt good)

I am feeling pretty huge right now.  None of my cothes are fitting well. Once I got going on the workout I started to feel better.

11887989_10153038688332967_2063802035214280740_n  11951883_10153038688837967_8806387533170416555_n 11949348_10153038688397967_4028762461863490122_n11057362_10153038688437967_9113940156372295799_n

7 min emom

5 squat snatch 65/95 (35lbs felt good)

5 hspu (strict press 35lbs. got heavy quick)

i did 2 rounds on the min then took a min off then did 2 more rounds took a min off and then did the last round, i think. the squat snatches took my breath away.

7 min amrap

30 dubs

dubs, so hard.  trying to do double, double, double instead of single, double, single.

20 kb swings 55/70 (35lbs. did all 10 and 10 i think)

2 + some dubs

and then 500 m row

2:40. i have not rowed for a bit had a hard time getting close to my body.


I did the same as the percents for the oly work.  Felt good.  I still do not feel like i get under the bar fast enough during powers. I did step ups and a mod burpee more of a push up as far as i could go. then i did 10 ring rows for each rope climb (so hard)

I had a tough day yesterday and a restless night last night so I thought it best if I did not wod, as planned.  I just looked at the wod which is Nancy (5 rft 400 m run and 15 ohs) kinda glad I did not go even though I could scale this enough to make it fun for me. I can’t go to yoga tmr so maybe a wod is in the cards.  Trying to listen to my body but its hard sometimes.




5x55lbs (missed two by not locking out shoulder but two felt real solid and fast)

8×2 front squats 75lbs

3×5 sots press 15lbs


5/45lbs 5/50lbs 5/55lbs

felt ok. dynamic start feels a little weird but it helps me get into my squat.

i can’t remember what other work i did.