Hello viewers? I have been wanting to start some sort of personal blog for a long time.  I have but a  lot of random thought into it but never any real work.  So here goes nothing, I guess.  I will start with a little about me.  My name is Jill Erwich,  I am a recently unemployed, starting my own photography business, wannabe half marathon running, healthy trying to live, yoga loving, wishing to be fashionable and soon to be wife of an amazing screen writer, director, producer or as his day job dictates new media specialist man named Vincent Nero.  You get the idea right?  I will start with a little bit about Vinny because I know he will be a huge part of this weather he wants to or not, will ask about that tonight.  So, Vinny and I met at an amazing liberal college in Western Mass called, Hampshire College, where we both were following our dreams, stressing about projects and having an amazing time.  We met freshmen year but did not start dating until winter of our sophomore year.  Vin asked me to marry him this past Labor Day on a spontaneous trip to Miami, we live about an hour away in Delray Beach, amongst the penguins and I said yes so we have been busy planning our wedding that will take place in October ocean side.

Vin and I  our first Summer together ( 2007)

Right after Vin proposed (notice penguins)

A little about my past.  For most of my life I fought with body image issues and actual met Vin while working on a play for middle schoolers about eating disorders.  I never considered myself skinny and was always very aware of my stomach.  I was above my weight range for my height since puberty but I did not know really think that was to big of a deal.  I was always active as a kid, played soccer my whole life.

Kim (one of my bridesmaids) and I senior year 2005

Senior year of high school was probably the best shape and smallest I ever was  I ate horribly, taco bell, ice cream, before dinner meals, just not knowing any better.  At that time I began binge eating but did not know this until I was working on that play about eating disorders in college.  School never came easy to me as far as grades and socially.  During high school I was dealing with a mild learning disorder coupled with mild depression and some normal low body image issues, but once again did not truly understand this.  I was just trying to barrel my way through high school and make it to the light at the end of the tunnel, college.  When the day finally came to go to college I was excited, terrified, nervous and happy.  Freshmen year was so much.  And with that came the freshmen 15.  Oh all you can eat plans, delivery (I had never ordered delivery before) and  I was so elated to be on my own that I in no way was making smart decision about my health.


Sam (another on of my bridesmaid) and I the summer of 2006

This is when I hit 150 pounds and that was uncomfortable for me.  I know this is by no means outrageous for my 5’2 frame but I was not treating my body right and I wanted better for myself.  So fast forward to a little under a year ago, July 2010 I decided I was going to start running.  Like so many people I always wanted to be a runner though I always hated it.   I started with Couch to 5k and that was great though I never finished it because I found the walk/run method worked for me.  The idea of running 30 min straight was not happening and I was fine with that.  In August, I signed up for a 5k for October and when it rolled around I was ready.

Running my first 5k October 2010 (white hat and shirt in the middle)

Me finishing my first 5k in 35:51

I ran this and it was awesome.  At the end of the first two miles I took walk breaks and finished strong.  I was happy with my time, not that I went posting this around but coming from someone that hated running and never dreamed of running 3 miles this was a big deal.  Since this I have continued running with a recent break to try Bikryam Yoga.  This week I finished my longest distance yet, 8 miles in just over two hours and am working towards a half marathon at some point.  I feel like I just laid done a whole bunch of stuff but there is still so much more I want to share!  I hope you enjoy and will come back.  Have a great evening!