Since being unemployed I have taken to major menu planning, trying to save money, and preparing meals to be ready when Vin walks in the door.  Unfortunately that varies from 6-7 and I am still trying to figure out how to not either have everything cold or over cooked though last night was a little different.  Since we are getting married and it is important to our families to be married by a religious authority we are getting married by a rabbi.  I was raised jewish, vin catholic, though he is non practicing and we observe most jewish holidays, such as shabbat, and plan to raise our future kids jewish, so last night we had what we call “jew school” but is really an intro to Judaism class.  To keep with our budget friendly ways I prepared dinner but did not really think about time or read through the whole recipe which is sadly not new for me.  Nevertheless, Imade backed potato chips and a broccoli, carrot, ginger, red curry and chicken stir fry.  It was super yummy but it was made with me running around like a crazy women as well as trying to photograph it for the blog which was a whole other added time pressure.



















these are so bad i am sorry.  i promise i can take a semi decent photo.  so obviously i cant just make dinner and be happy i also need to make ice cream.  last week i made penne alla vodka because its one of vins favorite meals and it was good but now I have just under two cups of heavy cream sitting in my fridge so out comes the  handy ice cream maker













a while back we bought peppermint extract when we were at publix’s greenwise supermarket which is an awesome.  it’s like whole foods but they still have lots of normal stuff, i mean conventional, but there fresh produce section kicks ass they have carrots with the roots oh how you taste so much better sorry i really like carrots and i was utterly spoiled in college with a farm located on our college campus, but not the point, so we had this peppermint extract so i figured i would make peppermint ice cream and as i am sure a few of you know it is girl scout cookie season so we had one sleeve, minus 2, thin mints left in the freezer so i smashed those up and started making peppermint ice cream.







ice cream churning, yum.

so while that was going i got the stuff ready for the stir fry







jalapenos and ginger on the cutting board and broccoli and carrots in the bowl







we are big proponents of the george forman and i should have totally used it instead of frying them in vegetable oil but last time i made this i made it with shrimp so my head was not in a cooking chicken mind set, oops, next time.   after this we go dark as far as pictures minus my lovely self portrait with my awesome apron from my bro’s girl friend










so with frantic running i packed it all up and ran out the door to pick up the fiance and eat it before class with time to spare.