Just finished making two chicken pot pies, one for the freezer and one for dinner tonight.  the recipe if based off a martha stewart recipe but with lots of addition and a few subtractions




















this is something i go back and forth on.  make my own, buy, make my own, buy.







the top secret buy the crust.  i should make my own and one day i will but for now pillsbury.




















oops looks like i am going to need a bigger frying pan.  out comes the wok.  i am pretty sure they work different, surface area but for me wok means bigger pan.























and the file two pies.  the yellow tint is from some egg yok i put on it to make it brown better.  i am not sure if they are brown enough but i will put them back in the oven to reheat.  Vin helps me with this also hence the oddly shaped tops that is his job.  It was hard making these without him but what can you do.