I have such a hard time starting posts.  My 9th grade English teacher once told me to just start writing what you are thinking even if you end up deleting it later.

Little recap of my last two workouts.  One from Friday and the other from today.  I was hoping that I would be able to convince my friend Sam to run a half marathon on April 3rd when I am up North to do a wedding gown fitting but we both decided that that is pushing it so we are going to just do a 5k.  I am super excitedx this will only be my second 5k but a lot has changed since the last one.  This morning I started Hal Higdon intermidate 5 k 8 week plan even though I only have something like 6 I always need a plan.  So I did 3.2 miles this morning which went well I finished it in 40:23 min.  Its a fine time and I know I have a bit of time to help pick up the pace.  I have conflicting feelings on my pace and how hard to push myself.  I think I should be able to run faster but I don’t want to not enjoy it/injury myself.  I really like running and I never thought I could say that and I sometimes worry that if I push myself to hard I won’ t like it?  That sounds pretty lame writing it but that is how I feel.  Any advice on pace, slow running?

me after fridays run

lap 1:  13:15 (13:15)
lap 2:  26:12 (12:97)
lap 3:  38:55 (12:43)

monday’s run

lap 1 12:49
lap 2 24:52 (12:03)
lap 3 40:23 (16:00)

wow that super embarrassing.  I did, and usually take the weekend off from planned exercise.  We did take a couple mile walk in my casual sneakers which was a total mistake.  Well tomorrow I have a speed work workout planned and we will see how that goes.