today i needed a break from running so i planned on doing a yoga dvd that i had picked up from the library

but i did not feel like looking at the tv.  so i decided to go for it on my own.

as soon as a lay down my yoga mat, my cat, dexter (named after micheal c. hall’s vigilantly serial killer character) decides he must sit right there.  after having a little fight with him about this i did 5 sun salutations then tried to do the standing series from the bikryam studio i went to.  i promised myself to give it an hour and about 45 minutes into i was over it.  so i went to sit down at the computer and stumbled upon Laurel House site Quickie Chick one she is so very playboy bunny news caster it is kinda funny and two the exercises are geared toward being lazy about not getting out of bed, im in! I did some but, boobs and abs stuff though i really need to focus on abs, they are just so hard.  i look forward to doing more of her workouts in the future.  yay fun find.