try two! took me a little more time but i am pretty happy with what i got.  i am still trying to figure out focus.  currently i have my camera on a tripod, set the focus on that tree sticking out of my head, hit the shutter button, run to the tree and hope for the best.  this dress is from elle/kohls and is the only thing i directly have bought after seeing it on a blog.  The blog big surprise, JenLovesKev, is where i first laid eyes on the beauty of a dress, though it was while she, Jen, was pregnant and sadly i knew the dress would work for me because i carry most of my fat in my belly.  It is so comfortable and I love how bright it is with out being to patterny.  I added a tank top under it so I could wear a real bra and have a little modesty.  Should really buckle down and some work done.  I just finished up editing the first wedding I ever shot! I am so happy with the results and even more happy with how happy the bride is with them.  Excited for what the future may hold which leads me into getting back to working hard on getting some more work!