Challah time! So I was raised Jewish and I love so much of the traditional jewish food like challah.  I have been wanting for a while to make bread and i have been craving challah so here we are.  I can’t find this exact recpie online but this is a great video with more or less the same recipe.  2 eggs three yolks!

so the recipe calls for the dough to go into the fridge i think because of the eggs but this made me very nervous since to rise most breads are suppose to be in warm places.  i might have put it in the fridge taken it out, put it back in and then taken out all over a 18 hour range.  the recipe it could sit for 2-12 hours.  18 hours later…

30 min later…finished challah.  the recipe said it was down when you knocked on the bottom and it sounded hallow, it did, i think.super cool bottom.  this was around 3 and as much as I would have loved to dig into you just can not serve a challah with a bite taken out of it.  So i waited patiently until Vin got home at 6:30 where we devoured a good portion of it but making sure to save some for french toast which I am happy to report was absolutely amazing.