i was super lucky to get to head home, Connecticut, for an extended weekend sort of thing, and spend some quality time with my mom and dog, zoe.  i made this trip mainly for a wedding dress fitting but it happened to coincide with my dad’s annual golf trip, to yes florida though tampa so i do not feel to bad, but it was good i got some good mother and daughter time.  on sunday we took a nice walk around this park in town.

my mom

zoe girl. my puppy who is not so much a puppy anymore at the amazing age of 13!

my family has a country house on a lake and zoe will spend hours “fishing”.  what the means is she walks back in forth in this shallow area and stare at the water and occasionally plunge her head in the water like she is going to catch something.  Note in the years we have gone to the house she has never caught anything, to our knowledge, but she will do this all day.  So when she saw this water she did not waste any time to get her paws wet.  can you see how happy she is?  can’t wait to see her at the lake.