i have been meaning to get back to blogging regularly but things have been all over the place with my personal life and work.  i have been doing a lot of photo stuff which is great but also has been consuming my computer time.  i want to share some photos from my trip to arizona which feels like months ago because it almost has been a month.

arrived in phoenix hung out with kim and one of her roommates penny


sam arrived the next day.  this is us before we went out for a little girls night.on our way to flagstaffat the grand canyon waiting for  a busthe grand canyonback in phoenix.  some cool cacti

we visited Paolo Soleris studio thing which was so cool.

that was more or less our trip with a lot more food, cacti and driving around.  we also went to the heard museum which is a really great American Indian museum, ate so much great food and had such a great time.  i am always amazed how lucky i am to have such great friends.