i keep getting lost on what day it is because my schedule has very little semblance of monday-friday which i like but makes it a little weird when you have spent just under two years with the exact same schedule.  nonetheless i started this morning at 8:30 at a highschool.  i work for a company that takes graduation photos and i had to got a rehearsal.  for some reason large numbers of high schoolers in cap and gown not as flash backy to high school as 600 high schoolers in normal clothing at their own school.  this is what i wore because i was told to dress professional.  please be warned that i have taken note and if and when i take outfit photos every again i will raise the legs on the tripod.  i was being super lazy and was like this low angle will be fine, mistake.

i got home from this around 11 did some computer stuff and then made some lunch which was super yummy.  leftover “mexican”, i say “mexican” because in our house “mexican” just means peppers, rice and paprika, everything else changes almost every time.  this was red peppers, rice, ground beef, onions, quacamole and assorted spices and just through it on top of some spinach for lunch.  i try to stick to a no chocolate rule during the day because one thing leads to another but i did have a nice amount of homemade chocolate ice cream.

not sure what is for dinner but i know i am hungry already.  snack time?