I have never been one for setting goals.  I am not sure exactly why.  I can think of a few stock obvious answers like, “hard to stick with”, “can not disappoint if you do not try” but I am not sure how much I believe those things.  Nonetheless, I was reading a few blogs like Lisa from 110 pounds and counting and Angela from Oh She Glows  and I though why not.

1. Schedule work outs for the whole month of June

2. Run 3 miles with Vinny

3. Have less days where I feel down

4. Snack smarter

5. Eat a real lunch every weekday

6. Book 2 Weddings

7. Do not stress about trips/vacations

Maybe I know why do not make goals.  I am a big list person and I really could go on for quite a while but I think this covers the mind, body, soul ( i tried to spell that soal and sole) and work aspects of my life. I will work on updating how they are going.

for memorial day weekend my friend sam and steve where at disney and we took 24 hours and visited them and low and behold…….

they got engaged!!!  well it happened the day before we got there but being the great friend I am I made them reenact it so I could take photos of course.