I made a schedule for june and while it does not seem like a lot it feel attainable and hopefully will lead to goal number 2. run 3 miles with vin.  we did 2 miles this morning in a little under 30 min using the run walk method.  vin has not run in a while and i had a major fail of a run yesterday so i just wanted to get to the 2 miles even if it took and hour.  well that is not true but kinda the point.  i think it went well.  i am so spoiled now.  i love running/jogging/walking with vin.  we get to talk and it goes so much faster.  totally blew 3 and 4 already.  i need to just make lunch if it is after noon not just each 4 cookies.


vin approved the schedule so i am excited.  anyone have any tips for a new running to get them to keep going even if they claim to hate every minute of it and refuse to get new shoes.