This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to attend Bonnaroo and 4 day music festival held in Manchester, TN.  I went for work but I got to enjoy a good amount of events.

i did not get to see to much music like up close but the one show i did get to attend while not working was florance + the machine and it was awesome.  I could not see the stage but I sure was not at the back of the crowd.  it was a great set.

the crowd

we also saw two comedy shows.  lewis black and donald glover.  both very good but i am partial to donald glover.  i did not know until bonnaroo that donald glover also does hip hop as childish gambino.  I just downloaded some of his stuff.

this is the line of people with tickets.  you had to get there two hours before the show to pick up a ticket.  they tent hold 1600 or so people.  then you had to get in a line to get in.  this photos make it look dark let me insure you it was super sunny and i thoroughly regret not wearing a hat.  always wear a hat!


I have real photos from my camera that I will put up later.

also when we picked up our car by the airport we saw monkey.  someone told one of our out of town co workers that there were monkeys by the airport but we thought they were pulling his leg.  totally not.  there were about 8 monkey hanging out.