went to crossfit this morning.  you know its a bad sign when the class before you is still going when you get there.


20 Over the Bar Lateral Jumps

15 Cleans 95/135 

10 L-Pull Ups

5 TGU 25/35 (each arm)

I did 25lbs for the cleans.  Knees to chest pull ups. 8lbs for TGU

I really want to be able to get to 35lbs cleans, maybe front squats but i had a really hard time keeping my back straight and elbows high.  i can have someone explain it to me a million times but i just do not feel the difference when i am going it right vs. when i am doing it wrong.  i think i need to bring it back the basic and just work on my squat.  I am going to try to do 50 squats 3 times next.

Knees the chest were hard.  feel like i finally got them on the last round.

Upped the weight in the turkish get ups from 5 lbs.