10 MIN. TO FIND YOUR 2 REP MAX. SNATCH (35 lbs) Still felt a little shallow in my squat but was getting better.



10 D.B THRUSTERS 20/30 (8lbs) I meant to do 10lbs but I picked up 1 8lbs dumbbell and 1 10lbs.  When I went to pick them up for my second round I relized I had two different weights.  I ran over to exhange the 8lbs but could not find another 10lbs quick enough so I just grabbed the 8lbs.  Still was super hard.

10 OVER THE AB MAT BURPEES I am terrible at jumping.  Need to jump more in life, in general.

10 KTE’S (Used the Captains Chair so I did not strain my elbow)

3 +1 and 1 burpee

Not my best but glad I got it in.