Hang Power clean 95/135 (35lbs) This felt manageable but my fast elbows started to slow a lot quicker then I thought.

Rings Push ups (chest must touch the ring) (walking toes feet) not bad.

KB Swings 53/70 (16lbs) manageable i think i need to move up but i am nervous because the next one feels so much heavier when i test it out but i think i just need to get over it and realize its going to be hard and do it.

EVEN= Rope Climb (with knots) this killed me.  mentally i just could not get on the rope and then when i did i could not get to the second knot.

ODD= 400m Run I tried to push hard but the second to last run left me super winded.  the last run i almost was walking but i tried to push through know that was it but still felt like i was barley moving.

Time: 35:31 or 38:31 I can not remember.