Endurance Wod
1 min sprint
1 min jog
1 min rest
2 min sprint
2 min jog
2 min rest

I did ok today.  Did not have my usual people that run around my speed so it was harder to keep pace.  I brought my watch which was helpfulish.  Just need to focus on what I am doing like walking instead of jogging, oops.


7 RING DIPS I used green band on the bar.  I want to move to the blue band but it seems so much harder in warm up I am not sure how I could make it.  Need to scale up some places though.

7 OHS 65/95 15lbs.  Felt good.  Next time heavier.

7 LUNGES 65/95 (EACH LEG) 15lbs.  I have such a hard time standing up from my left leg lunge.

7 TOES TO BAR Modified to Hollow Rocks.

I think I did 8 rounds actually.  Got lost counting.  I always place my chips in the most awkward places.  The first 3 rounds I remember how many rounds its been but then I totally lose track.