***To be performed just like the SONG***

CAP 45 minutes

1st-10 KB Swings 35/53

2nd-10 Lunges(total-in place)

3rd-25 Dubs/100 Singles

4th-5 Pullups

5th-5 Burpees

6th-6 DB Cleans 20/30

7th-7 D/L 135/205

8th-8 Box Jumps 20/24

9th-9 KTE’s

10th-400M Run

11th-11 Thrusters 95/135

12th-50yd Suicide Run

I was on the 400 mm run when time was called so when I cam in so I continued with the rest of the round.  I stopped to look at the clock and it said 55 min.  I went to try to finish because quite a few people were still going but it was just best I call it.  I have a hard time with big groups with lots of sharing because I always feel like I am in the way.  Also, I do not own a jump rope so I use ones they have there, since there are plenty normally but on days like this there were none left so I was using someone else which I felt super bad about but I thought it was owned by the box and not the person, either way I felt bad.  Any way wanted to be glad I went.  Was super sore all Christmas day.