normally the doors are open when i arrive at bikram at 5:45am but today they were not.  at 6am the instructor showed up after a few calls and class got underway. i have a routine before class hence why i get there at 5:45am so i did it quick, bathroom, hair but no warm up my toes (i have poor circulation in my toes so i try to help them out)

all and all class was great.  super hot.  hands to feet still super tough.  working on towards arms behind legs and head below knees. eagle pose was good. toes still cold. standing bow pulling pose was so tough. could not stay in any for the full time which is semi unusual but on the contrary balancing stick rocked. standing separate leg head to knee was tough to.  could not get my feet lined up and then going down was super tough.  almost feel over at one point which has never happened. half tortoise  was great while rabbit pose i could not keep my head and knees together.  it was a day of getting a lot of things i have been struggling with and missing a lot of my gimmie stuff.  weird.  nonetheless a great class.