KB Swings  53/70 17lbs

Wall Balls 14/20 10lbs

Renegade Rows(total) 20/30 8lbs

***200M Run after each odd rd w/25/45*** 25lbs

time: 24:?? (still no main clock)

This is my second favorite layout for a wod.  Much better that the reps decrease until the end even if it means running with a 25lbs plate. Kb Swings were good. On 18 I broke them up but all others went unbroken. Wallballs I still struggle getting low enough in my squats.  I am working on aiming in between the two targets now.  I want so badly to move up to 14lbs but I know I am better working on it at 10lbs until I can hit the top target constantly. Went light on renegade rows since my chest and shoulder are still sore from Friday. They were fine. Need to keep butt down always and feet wide. Run was good. E-wod sure pays off with stuff like this plus its better than a farmers walk or walking lunges any day.

Rowed 1000m in 6:35min