2x400m (1min rest/2min rest)  2:16 & 1:58

1.3 miles 14:?? min (felt good but still having a hard time pacing. at .56 miles I looked at my watch and I was like really but once I hit the mile mark I felt good.)

2x400m (1min rest/done)  2:10 & 2:08


Deadlift 105/155 #55 21 felt good.  worked on breathing, flat back and stomach tight.

Toe 2 Bar KTE hard. chipped through these sometimes 2 at a time but considering I could not even do KTE is 2 months ago I am pretty happy.  tried toes 2 bar after wod did 1 kinda.

OHS 65/95 15lbs.  felt good and fast.  went light after running and 225 air squats on tuesday.

time: 10:05 (ish, but clock is back)