Two 15 min amrap group relay of 100m and then 200m

not sure how many we go in. tried to run hard for the 100m and just stay consistent in the 200 and push harder for the last 50m. legs felt jello-y going into the 200m amrap. its amazing how much you can do when you have other cheering (judging) you. for me i need the group mentality to keep going on my own i have very low standards.


10 Hang Squat Snatches 85/115 15lbs

15 Pullups green band kipping

time: 10:58

i was told to try kipping with the green band.  thought it would be easier then strict but it was not at all.  had a couple no reps. did hang squat snatches light.  considered sticking with the pvc pipe. felt great good depth but had some ones where i was not solid so glad i went light. right ankle has been acting up.