6mins of 100m relay sprints
6mins of 50m relay sprints (one trip on the speed bump)
12 mins of 50m sled pulls 25/45


10 Man Makers 20/30 8lbs

20 Dubs /attempts

10 Pull ups green band

20 Dubs

10 Lunges(per leg)

20 Dubs

***100 Singles are the SUB for Dubs***

got a few consecutive dubs! but missed a lot too.  they are getting better but it feels like a fluke thing and less skilled when i do get them. my plan is to work on doing 2 singles and 1 double until that is like doing all singles.

man makers were about as bad as they sound. it put three movements, push-up, burpee and thruster, into one rep really was a killer.  tried to do 5 +5 and 4+3+3 when I can.  I like when lance breaks that up ahead of time so I do not have to do math during the workout.

I had a hard time not trying to compete against other people today.  I just felt like I was working so hard and everyone was just speeding right past me but then I finished before a lot of people I usually finish after which made me question if I had counted my rounds right. It is what it is but need to make sure I stay on top of my chips.  Also, I need to start using the blue band for some of my pull-ups.