Renegade Rows 20/30(alternating per side)***each rep/per side*** 10lbs mod to on knees

Split Jerks 65/95 15lbs push press

KTE’s hollow rocks

time: 17:15

finished pretty fast. of course got lost between renegade rows and hollow rocks (i changed up the order so i finished with the push press) when I got to like 4 and I had to count to 8 but then go back to 4.  oh counting, so hard.

foot feels good.  official prognosis is sprain of ankle and foot! never go to the dr. alone for official news or at least as for him to repeat it. walking up was tough. there was some numbness in the bottom of my foot. I am usually a morning person so waking up and not jumping right out of bed is tough on me but once I got passed that and decided to go to crossfit I felt better.

trying to stay off my foot as much as possible since I have two weddings this weekend.  thankfully only 6 hours each and my husband is going to do all the heavy lifting and driving.