worked saturday and sunday with so much help from my amazing husband.  monday did minimal activity.  foot and ankle are feeling so much better.  I can walk around the house with out the brace but it does start to hurt.  todays wod was basically everything I can not do so I just subbed everything.

21 SDLHP 95/135 400m Row

21 Box Jumps 21 Ab mat Sit Ups

50 Dubs 21 Kneeling Push Ups

15 SDLHP 95/135 300m Row

15 Box Jumps 15 Ab mat Sit Ups

40 Dubs 15 Kneeling Push Ups

9 SDLHP 95/135 200m Row

9 Box Jumps 9 Ab mat Sit Ups

30 Dubs 9 Kneeling Push Ups

time 10:43

rowing felt a little clunky.  push ups and sit ups felt good.