home yoga.  my arms are super tired after three days in a row of crossfit which is a lot for me plus its been arms and abs all day long. so i figured i would pop in some old yoga dvds i have and aim for 30 min. i put a timer on my phone and went for it.  i did two selection in this yoga dvd.  the first one was fine.  breathing and sun salutations.  the next one was some weird warrior that i am not familiar nor could i really do with my foot and it just moved so fast. thank gosh i am familiar with yoga otherwise it would be the worse. thankfully those both we a bit over 15 min so that made my 30 min easy. then i did some other standing poses and some floor poses and called it.  i feel good.  i am glad i started my day of with that and even sweat a little. fridays are pretty anti climatic for me because i work most saturdays and tomorrow i have to be working at 8am.  thankfully the husband is hired to do this wedding with me so I will have him to keep me company.