Buy In: 1 100yd suicide(25-50-75-100m) Row 400m

and then…

5 RFT 

15 Burpees 15 ab mat sit ups

15 KB Swings 53/70 10lbs (the lightest kb they had)

1 Rope Climb 7 ring rows

and then

Buy Out: 1 100yd suicide(25-50-75-100m) Row 1000m

first day post injury at crossfit with out the boot.  wore my little ankle brace.  i am not doing burpees for a bit in a work out so faithful abmat sit ups.  should have done like 30 of them though or at least 25. i decided the 400 m row because it was the even number i hit once everyone was inside.  i know if i was running i would be last so i try to match that type of work when i am rowing if its not a direct conversion. did my 5 rounds and everyone was still working even the fastest guy in the room. i guess i could have added a round but i did not know where everyone was so i just jumped on the rower and get rowing until everyone was outside, hit 1000m and stopped.  with out the boot rowing with the straps hurts a bit so i rowed with out them which takes a ton more control. it was cool to be able to watch everyone and see the ridiculous faces that i know i make but i never get to see others as well as just get to see how hardcore all the people i work out with are.