I have had the link to YogaGlo.com saved for quite awhile but never signed up for the free trail until today and it was awesome.  I took two classes. First “Injury Prevention for Athletes” and then “Find Calm and Unwind after a Long Day”.  Both were easy to follow, though I did have a glitch during the first on but that just meant I was laying in savasana for a while longer, no harm in that. I really enjoyed it and I think after my living social deal is done with Bikram I will consider doing it.  It means one less day driving some where and a little more time to work. The hardest part is keeping my cat off my mat but I found the remedy is to open the door and give him some catnip. Drugging my cat is total worth it to do yoga at home.

Injury Prevention for Athletes was great. I skipped a lot of the chaturangas because of my foot.  It just takes me that long to transition.  Also, all the one foot balancing posters on my left foot I had to adjust a bit but it was good to test out how it felt versus my right foot. It was a great way to start my day and I would highly recommend you try it out if you are looking for home yoga.