800M Run 1000M Row

20 Box Jumps 20/24″ 20 KB Swings 17lbs

20 Wall Balls 14/20 8lbs

time 22:22 (two minutes over cap.)

back in the boot.  rowing is so much slower when I can not straighten out my leg. I have seen some using a skateboard instead of putting their foot in the strap but that requires one having a skateboard and two having a lot more coordination then I have.  So for two more weeks awkward rowing. KB swing felt good. I did 1 and 3 round unbroken and 2 stopped to readjust my feet.  I went light on the wall balls because I can not squat correctly and I was nervous that if I went to heavy I would not squat.  So I did forward leaning squats but hit the target 95% of the time.