400M Run 500M Row

10 Power Snatches 95/135 Push Pres 35lbs

1 RD

30 Box Jumps 20/24 KB Swings 17lbs

30 Wall Balls 14/20 8lbs


10 Lunges 95/135 20 ab mat sit ups

10 HPC 95/135 Push Press 35lbs

time: under 17 min

had a great weekend.  great, long wedding working with my husband (who was actually getting paid not just being a good husband and helping me out) then “slept in” sunday watched some friday night lights and visited with family all day.  lots of pool time, pretzel and little sun burn.  great weekend all and all.

everything felt good.  still going light.  I need to stay around here until I go back to the dr.  I do not want to mess anything up since my recovery seems to be going well even though I went to publix with out my boot which was a huge mistake.  oops.  anyway, off to a great week now!