20 SDLHP 65/95 Deadlifts 35lbs

15 Thrusters 65/95 10 KTE

20 Push Ups on knees

200M Run Row

time 22:46

deadlifts felt good.  Did most unbroken though I had to stop to adjust left food which kept turning out more then it should have been.  I want to go heavy but I promised myself I would not.  Once more week hopefully with the boot so I have to be good.  KTE’s felt good for the first 5.  I normally jump off the bar so I was focusing a lot on not doing that.  That is the one thing that really scares me about crossfit is that obliviousness I sometimes fall into.  I get so into it that I forget what I am doing and normally my body can handle that but I can not just go on auto pilot when auto pilot will not work.  Only 10 KTE’s because they were taking me forever that grip is killer.  Push Ups always suck but got through them even though it was sometimes 5 at a time. Rowing felt fine.  A little slow.