25 HSPU on box with one ab matt (10,10,4,1)

25 Dubs(sub 125 singles) Ring Dips Green Band (10,10,5)

55 KB Swings 55/70 17lbs

25 Dubs Ring Dips Green Band (10,10,5)

25 Burpees Ring Rows (5,5,2,3…)

55 Push Ups 25 Push Ups (oops) I just noticed that.

25 Pullups Blue Band (5,5,2,2,2..)

25 Wall Balls 14/20# 8lbs not full squat
time 19:45 but does not count since I only did 25 push ups
I was so excited for pull ups.  I have been wanting to do pull ups but they take me so long and have a lot more set up then KTE that I have not done them since I got my boot.  I have not normally been going on Thursday but when I saw this wod, and that I could do 50% with my normal mod I had to go.  Blarg, feel bad about that.