3rd Day of 24 Day Challenge

Felling really good today.  Getting a little tired but trying to power through.  Eating out again tonight.  We knew this was going to happen but if we kept putting of starting the cleanse there would always be something in the way.


OHS 65/95 25lbs

Burpee Box Jumps 20/24 step ups blue box, next to pull up rig

*At the start of 21 Rd=800M Run 1000M Row

*At the start of 15 Rd=400M Run 500M Row

*At the start of 9 Round=200M 250M Row

time 23:57

OHS felt good at 25lbs. Not sure on my form but I worked on dropping my butt first. I did 10,5,6 then 6,6,3 then all 9! Box jump were step ups and I used the rig for support.  Burppes felt good. Focused on engaging my core like when you jump out of downward dog. Rowing was ok.  Felt slow.  Used the straps so I did not want to pull to hard.