15 KB Swings 35/55 25lbs

15 Power cleans 65/95 35lbs

100m Sprint 100m Row


kbs felt good but heavy. broke them up depending into 5s. power cleans were tough have the swings and I had a hard time doing more then 5 almost every time after 2nd or 3rd round. I am still not jumping into them so I thought it best to go light. Rowing felt ok. Forgot it was only 100m first round, oops and then realized it was on 4 instead of 5 around round 4 and just left it there.

8th Day of 24 Day Challenge

The weekend has its highs and lows as far as eating.  All went more or less by the plan but it was so hard not to order chinese on a rainy sunday night but the plan prevailed. We only have two more days of the fiber drink then on to the meal replacement shake hopefully that will not be to bad.