bikram! after yesterdays kb and clean fast my back was aching.  i was so happy to be able to go to bikram today although I am still feeling out my ankle. pushed a little more today then last class. this is my second class at this new to me studio and it was a bit odd in my opinion. the instructor was nice but really nice to the regulars, which is fair. the whole class as a whole went well and then at the end he speed through the final breathing exercise and ran out of the room, no closing thought, no take some time, no nameste just see yeah.  As I was leaving the teacher was sitting outside with one of the students on a bench just talking and they causally said good-bye.  All in all great class but awkward everything else.

9th Day of the Challegne

sleeping really well, but that might also be the lake of good tv to keep us up. Eating today is going well.  Now until dinner is the hardest part and even harder because I am working from 5-8.