Pullups blue band

Wall Balls 14/20 8lbs (hit target 95%)

KB Swings 35/53 17lbs

time 20:51 goal was under 20. well first it was 10, then 15 then under 20. I should have pushed harder but I still am not comfortable jumping off the bar so I give extra precautions during pull-ups which went better then expected, still terribly hard and a few not so great ones but felt strong most of the time. I also focused on using a more finger grip so the pad of my hand does not squeezed as much.  went light every where else because I knew I was slow and my forearms are still killing from the ktes.

19th Day of the Challenge  I had a horrible eating day yesterday I just did not want anything that I was allowed.  We went out for sushi in the evening so minus having rice after 5pm we kept with veggies and fish.  I had some edamame and miso soup as well.  We have learned a lot and have been talking about how to integrate what we have learned into our everyday lives though we do know that I am having restaurant mac and cheese and my husband wants cake on day 25 those are the things we miss individually the most.