Box Jumps 20″/24″  Lunges


KB Swings 55/70 17lbs

time: 1 million minutes actually 38:45 ish

first round of 15 it felt like it would never end.  second 15 was just as hard. i am glad i did lunges instead of little box step ups felt a lot more fatigued, like i had been doing actually box jumps.  i still have a deficit on my left ankle so once I feel more stable on that will try out 20″ box steps ups but in no rush for that. kte’s!!! why so hard.  first 21 not to bad. 18 ok. 15 i was having a hard time doing 5 at a time and they just get so sloppy. it stinks because i can do the first 21 “perfect” but then after that they feel so sloppy and it stinks. kb swings fine, tough but all unbroken.