200m run

10 DB Snatch (each arm) 20/30 10lbs

10 KTE

time 31:30

run felt good. tried to stay with or catch up to whomever was in front of my and then stay with them or push ahead. it helps me so much to “compete” like that otherwise I am just shuffling along.  DB snatches felt better then last time. Still need to work on touching the ground each time and keeping my should and ear closer. think i could have gone heavier did all 5 right arm, 5 left arm, 5 right, 5 left even when i felt like i had more in me.  consistency is so important. kte were ok.  did all 5,5 expect one set where i last it on the last one. i worked on my kip with mike last night and that really helped during ktes. still more then knees to air around your elbows but some were great some were not.