7 Clusters 95/135  35lbs

7 Burpees

7 Toes to bar (T2B)

time 21:32

goal was under 20 so i thought with 35lbs i would be able to make it. stayed on pace with most of the class first round and as i turned to jump on the bar someone was on “my bar”. i 99% of the time get to crossfit earlier to stretch and set up.  i really do not mind sharing at all but usually their is a prior discussion, agreement that someone will start at a different part of the wod as to not have to wait to share equipment, and i am slow so usually its not a problem. so when i saw this i looked around and there was one lower empty bar but with no box set up, to help get up and down, so i pulled out a box and started my t2b. of course this upset me way more then it should and instead of just focusing on working harder and faster i get flustered. i tried to brush it off and move on but it happened again, and again and again. at one point someone used the other low bar i had set up and so i had to steal someone else bar, which made me all sorts of uncomfortable but i was watching her and made sure to be done before she needed it though i still felt bad and i think she said something  but i can never be sure.  of course all said and down i finish last, no surprise, and some people cheer me on but the girl sharing my bar goes out for a mile jog, does she wipe up the bar we were “sharing” or but away the box, oh of course not, its not hers. blarg. i hate how upset i get over it because i know its petty but there are some things that bother me and this is up there. i try to be so conscious of others, and can be damaging to my health, like the time got my foot stuck under an automatically turning door and had to go to the ER because I thought some one was calling from help 100ft behind me, but its part of who I am and I think it helps with my job and my relationships more then it hinders them