20 Weighted Step Ups (65/95) 20 Weighted Lunges 25lbs total

10 Toes to bar no pads!

20 Box Jumps Lunges 20 total

10 KB Swings (53/70) 25lbs!

time 21:50

goal was under 20 minutes so i think i did ok. so tired to morning. my husband had to pry me away from the tv last night because i would have stayed up to late.  we have so many good things on our dvr that its hard to walk away but i did and then was wired and took a bit to fall asleep. woke up feeling like i could sleep for another 2 hours. got to the box wishing i was still sleeping.

i chose to do lunges over box/step ups because i feel its to much weight to put on my ankle. i had a real hard time with those weighted lunges though it made un weighted lunges way easier. when i put my left foot forward i have so much more trouble getting up but i kept moving. had to split up the last 20 5/5/5/5 but got through them

toes to bar felt good. jumped right on the bar. i find it easier the getting on the box from the side and trying to find my grip this way. its more natural when you just jump to be even but i know one day i am going to miss and go flying in to the wall. until then.

normal lunges, fine. kb swings were good. 25lbs is heavy for me but it was only 40 so i went for it and i did all unbroken, i think.

planning on some hip opener this afternoon.