20 Min Amrap

50 m Prowler 25/45 1 min rest

400m Run 1 min rest

I did 4 (last run might have been a little over the 20 min) kept my 400m under 2:20! second one was 2:08 not sure where that came from (fueling right) before my injury i was edging in on under 2 min for my 400m hoping to get back there with in the next 6 months.

then i had the most insane idea, lets do the normal wod



15 Power Cleans 85/115 35lbs

15 KTE

15 Split Jerks 85/115 35lbs

800 m run on the odd rounds 200m run on the even rounds

time 42:31

i am positive i only did 10 kte on the first round and 10 split jerks on the last. the ktes were on purpose the split jerks not. i was slipping behind and in order to finish this at all i need to stay with the heard. my ktes killed. its one of the moves i get. but i still can only do 5 at a time. clean and split jerks were good at 35lbs. if i had been fresh i might have tried 45lbs but they were still tough. i do not know what it is about power cleans but i really like them. the last 800m run i just focused on my breath, i kept repeating inhale exhale, and i am not sure i was actually doing that but it got me through the first 400m at least. what a morning.