10 Thursters 85/115 35lbs

10 Toes to bar

10 OHS 85/115 35lbs

10 Pull Ups red band!!

time 13:57

ohs felt heavy at 35lbs but we did a solid warm up and they seemed to get better. i was told i was going low enough but it did not feel to low. toes to bar are like my one thing i can do. i jump on the bar just with chalk and they feel good. during warm up my wrist got jammed and its a little tweaked now but i am going to do a hip,hamstring ankle yoga if that exists later today.  thurster were good.

pull ups!! i did them 5/5   5/3/2   5/2/2/1  i am not sure i could do many more then 30 my forarms were burning but closer!!