10 RFT

3 Hand stand push ups (hspu) on red box

6 Deadlifts (DL) 135/185 65lbs

12 Pull Ups red band

24 Dubs blarg: got a few and then started doing 80 singles

time 46:36 

this was the wod that would never end. the rounds were quickish. my hands ripped for the first time ever about half way through so that hurt a lot. i tried to do 3 at a time on the pull ups. i had the blue band out but i was so close to finishing 120 pull ups with the red band that i could not let in. i went light on the deadlifts because 60 dl is still a lot and i am not the biggest fan of deadlifts. they take me so long to set up and i feel if i am a little off i am going to pull something. dubs were also super hard. i would get one or two really good ones and then i would start piking my legs. i have no idea why i do it. i know better but i can not help it. so to keep things going i just did singles which really get your heart going as well but i can actually do them so it feel like you are moving forward.