15 min amrap

3 Bar Muscle Ups or 6 Pull Ups and 6 Ring Dips red band

6 Hang Squat Snatch 95/135 15lbs

9 HSPU red box


pull ups felt good. 6 is a good number though at the end it was more like 4/2. i think this is the first time i have done dips with the red band. it was hard. got to 3/3 about half way in. hang squat snatch felt good. coach gave me a tip about keeping my head in line with my spine and that really helped. squat felt good unsure if i will be able to talk tmr though. i tried 25lbs and i got a few but its just hard for me to keep the bar close to my body. rather go light and form form form. felt like i was getting on my heels a lot. hspu were ok. could not get my head to the ground every time though. need to keep working on that.