7 Box Jump 20/24  step up on 20″

Max Thrusters 85/115  35lbs

89 total! late wed night so went to the 4:30. i love getting their early and stretching, even though “it does not help” i like it a lot.  in the afternoon its a whole different game. different coach, though i really like her, its different so different means scary and scary means anxiety. anxiety means doing step ups. i did them super slow and made sure to have my footing up and down and that felt good. thrusters felt good. i could have gone heavier since it was a timed workout and i do like thusters but i was anxious so i stayed in my comfort zone and rocked it. part of me thinks i only got 79 and counted a few box jump by accident but the number is not that important. every rep felt good and it was hard that is what is important.