1. Go one week (7 days) with out artificial sugar accomplished! this happened in july/august during our 24 day challenge. we have continued this. besides the holidays it is unusual for us to have any artificial sugar. we do eat a protein bar/whey protein that has stevia. the 24 day challenge was revolutionary for our eating. i finally won the battle of getting rid of always have carbs at dinner and just focusing on more veggies.
  2. Read 20 books not even close. i completed 6 books and two of those were via audio book.  all the books i read were good. i am in the middle of one that must be read by end of the month
  3. Do ab, cardio or goat work after crossfit 2 out of the 4 days not really, kinda. it all depends on how i felt. i was doing crossfit at least 4 times a week and i had an injury 
  4. Push myself yes! after i came back from my injury it was harder but the year ended very well.
  5. Plan out lunches yes, most of the time. getting better at having leftovers and always have good food for me to eat.
  6. Make a new recipe once a month i think i did but i have no documentation of this
  7. Less tv during the work day yes! i still watch an hour or so each day but it is pretty uncommon for me to watch more then that. when i am really busy i just eat and go back to work.