Power Cleans 65/95

Pull Ups

Push Press 65/96

400m runs 21,9,21

time 31:39 35lbs

i spent the weekend volunteering at the resolution games a crossfit competition my box and the other boxes its affiliated with put on. i had a ton of fun, got to see some awesome athletes compete and get to hang out with a lot of people i usually only see in passing. it was a ton of fun but it was two full days out in the sun from 7am-5pm which is tiring so i thought i would take today to just do some easy yoga but once i looked at the wod i could not pass it up. pull ups are my goal for this month and any practice is worth doing. so i showed up and get it down. i went “light” which felt comfortable but still hard on the push press and power cleans and used the blue band on the pull ups. fun wod. glad i got it down. now need to buckle down and get some great editing done to stay on track for this month.