10 Snatches 95/135 25lbs

15 KTE

20 H.R. Push Ups

time 27:40

This weekend was a lot of fun but not so much balance eating happened.  

Went to bed at a 9pm got up at 5:15am a little tired but made sure to warm up slowly and patiently. Snatches I am pretty sure are no ones friend but I try not to over thing them.  During warm up 25lbs felt heavy and I was worried I would have to take off the 10lbs but slowly but surly I started to loosen up.  I had a few technical no rep snatches but I counted them. My KTE felt good and I felt I got contact to my elbows 80% of the time. H.R. push ups were tough going but they were going.  

Did I finish after everyone else had cleaned up? Yes, ma’am. Do I care? No. I feel strong and confident and that is what crossfit is all about for me.